what I do

I'm NOT a UX Designer. I do Interaction Design. I AM an Interaction Designer. Let me break it down for y'all. Speaking of the phase I belong to, as the name indicates User Interface / Interaction Design (saying Ui), it is the interaction/communication between the user and the product (in our case digital products like a mobile app, web app, website, etc:).

So an interaction designer should always aim to get the best interaction like humanly communication between those two. To achieve that goal, we need to put more efforts when it comes to visual design. Yes indeed, after UX Design processes, where we find and solve problems through various methods, reaches the second phase of a project, Interaction Design.

This is such a crucial point in product design because here we create things that are directly interacting with the end users and to make it happen we rely on the principles of UCD, a never ending iterative methodology going through steps such as: storyboard, paper prototype, wireframe, look & feel user itnerface iteration, styleguide, low/high-fidelity digital prototypes, heuristic evalutation, execution of research activity (as I already mentioned). That is where interaction designers like me join the party.

I help make technology easy for people to use — tony

case study

Best examples can be seen in these case history studies I've been working on these past years, starting from the bottom to the top 'til today. They illustrate the product life cycle according to User Centered Design process.

The Concept phase (also known as UX process) ecompasses an early focus on users (ux goals and objectives, user profiles, research activities)

The Design phase (a.k.a Ui / Interaction Design) incorporates an early focus on users and empirical measurement. That's where I kick in

Finally, the Develop and Release phase tend to focus on empirical measurement (planning and execution of pre-product release)

Projects down below were designed by myself from scratch regarding my fields of study: Interaction Design (either via UCD or Design Thinking framework of process), Motion Design and my past knowledge about Front-End Development. These projects ARE NOT PARTICIPATIONS in team with other Designers, in fact I hold the original project files at present. For further informations please visit Legal Document section