venezuela crisis

For all these years i've been mumbling ... should i talk about it or not? Shall I ? Why not? What if I say this and that? Do they have any clue? 😥 To be honest, I've never enjoyed talking about this matter, as people don't really know what's going on in Venezuela today. Not to mention they've have ignored what has happened, so far these last 30 years.

Bad news spread, I'd say! So you hear these italian uncultered swans talkin all that jazz - "hoorra to Chavez! He was great!" ... 😒 And I go like: Maaaan, SHUT FUCK UP! 🤬 You don't know shit about the country I was born and raised (I'm the 3th generation). So I like to give a message to these morons out there — yeah right, easy talk, being a fake communist while you're living in a capitalist country, isn't it? Now, get your ass in Caracas and try to make a living. Let's see what happens. And by the way what is this all fuss about the communism? Really? Are we still talking about it? We barely entered the new century and we're already heading to the third industrial revolution. Get a chance, shall y'all?!

None of your business! Morons like these folks giving public speeches can be dangerous meaning they can mislead one, two, thousand, million of other people's sense of reality, resulting in a massive misconception and, as consequence, giving more power to crazy dictators 😔 like ese pendejo coño'e madre'e Maduro! Words can be powerful

Metro, a local newspaper, city of Rome
Another article speaking of the crisis

This is the only reason why I always decide to speak out loud in order to let people know (at least the close ones) the real facts, everytime the crisis in Venezuela is included in a conversation. Hey, I ain't no politician at all, but I do it for what my family, migrant workers, did what they did by bringing their dreams and abilities during the last century, starting from my grandfathers under the ruling period of M. P. Jiménez, later on my parents, uncles, aunts (either from my mother/father's sides) as democracy came up along. Doing so, they gave life to that country.

Sometimes I like to think myself — thanks god they removed my grandfather's anthem of Caracas, as it used to represent a generation of honest people for three generation! Also, I truly believe that I speak on behalf of every venezuelan person either spread all over the world or still trying to escape the inhuman condition of the country. Yes indeed, I speak not only for the hard time my family and I had to face right after leaving the country in the 90s right after C. A. Perez presidency, but also and most importantly for my relatives and friends still surviving (not living) in Caracas, as a criminal, N. Maduro, is perpetrating inhuman abuses.

I said once. I repeat it once again, I ain't no politician at all. I may say that every form of society ever known until today has failed (communism in the past, even capitalism as time goes by). At presente a solution must be given, of course (ideas like the Jacque Fresco's Venus Project sounds like a solution so far). I'm not even saying that the poverty issue in Venezuela was well managed during the 80s and 90s. I may be reading books like this one, besides mass media misleading informations. Still, I ain't no politician, nor an opinionist nor an history thinker. But I speak in full knowledge of the facts

With this being said, I must admit that I enjoyed hearing Pier Fierdinando Casini speech at the Italian Parliament, a few days ago.

Hopefully this gave a better understanding of the South America scenario, once for all.