tiero pezzuti

Dear abuelo, te quiero mucho and I miss you ❤️ Still, we all be missing you. You have been a memorable figure at every level as a human being, husband, father, grandfather even as a musician. I dedicate this few words to you.

You were born and raised in difficult times, when the planet Earth was facing the Worlds Wars.

In fact, your family like the rest of my family (both on my mother/father's sides), spreaded out all over the world in order to earn a better living in other countries such as Venezuela, the U.S., Brasil, France, Spain and South Africa. As time went by, they became more numerous with the result of interesting cultures mixing until today. Yes indeed, we're migrant worker. Yet, we are originally Italians and it turned out that our home is the world itself, today.

We exported our abilities all over the countries, cities and even small towns. Like you did with your art, as great professional musician. In fact, your went down in history for being the composer of the Anthem of Caracas and author of many others music performances of yours. Along with your spouse Liliana, you succeeded where everybody else would never think to make it.

Local News TV, Caracas, talking about Tiero Pezzuti, few years ago.
I'd like to thank everybody who made this possible in the town of Villa Sant'Angelo near by L'Aquila, Abbruzzo

Next, I came along representing the 3rd italian generation born in Caracas, the city where the latin rhythm used to make people smile. Today, if you were here, you wouldn't be happy to hear these bad news coming from Venezuela. Here I was raised in a extended family spending most of my childhood with you, dear abuelo. And I'm grateful. I keep very good memories of the time spent toghether.

Proud of being part of this family. Proud of your daughter, Rosella, following the path you created long time ago with alotta work. People remind you. We do. I do.