rough cut pt. 1

yes indeed, in case you've missed these awesome spots on the web, I'll be glad to introduce you people to what it seems to be a long list of solution to your 99 problems. From…   read more →

extract assets panel

Ever wondered why Extract Asset tool from Photoshop CC 2014 is not working? First off, let's say that moving from CS6 to CC is a big shift in order to provide designers with a…   read more →

violence against women

In Italy, the whole movement was directed by this people As announced, you won't find any black eyes, neither shamed eyes. There's no woman in the role of…   read more →


What I do, how I do, who's behind this website. Finally you people get to know me better; not that everybody gives a flying fuck about me, of course. I ain't no one and, to be…   read more →