smart watch

Som' is wrong here! Help me clear this up. Apple and Android came out with their new toys they call smart watch and I can't stop humbling why they gave us these wierd…   read more →

el chavo

Esto es para ti this is dedicated to you. Yes yes y'all this is a special delivery to a guy who made me laugh like a loco throughout my entire childhood 'til 1993 while I was…   read more →

android metrics

A portion of the huge guidelines that underlines the use of 3D Instead, I love it like the others (iOS, windows and Blackberry). Android just works different. Look at it as you…   read more →

false myth

Once in your life you had probably came across this myth You’ve got to hope for a “Eureka!” moment. Now I want to point out that it's mostly used under circumstances that concern creat…   read more →