sketch, wire n prototype

On one hand, industrial professionals keep supporting wireframe. On the other hands, others promote the use of powerful prototypers. To be honest, the truth is wireframe can't…   read more →

channel zero

No wonder why I begin this post typing one of the Ernst's most famous saying. Yes indeed, we're all made of emotions, feelings and instinct which in turn get the shape of love.…   read more →

svg to eps

Why should I convert SVG to EPS? Why? Don't ask. It looks like a reverse engineering task. So I've got 99 reasons and I ain't gonna list em all.I'm pretty sure you're gonna find…   read more →

venezuelan be like

The flama comedy culture couldn't explain better what I've been through since I landed in Italy...and I still get some of what you can see in these videos below! Hilarious!   read more →