tiero pezzuti

You were born and raised in difficult times, when the planet Earth was facing the Worlds Wars. In fact, your family like the rest of my family (both on my mother/father's sides),…   read more →

a brief history of animation

As Thomas J. Froehlich said — Animation can be described as the creation of the illusion of motion through a rapid sequence of still images. Although the quality of the original i…   read more →

doc vectips

Let's say for instance you have produced a wireflow, and released it into the world. You have done this coz you think that your team and customers might find it useful. However,…   read more →

web tech plan

Shall we begin with a bit of history? Of course, I ain't gonna expose the whole history starting from Tim Berners Lee. How did we end up speaking of responsive, while mobile…   read more →